The Commonwealth Foundation – Providing Portals for a Participatory Political Process

Harmonizing the voices of the citizens with the policies and agenda of those entrusted to govern them is imperative to cultural solidarity and a peaceful society. Our world has dozens of such dedicated agencies and humanitarian organizations.

During any period in our global history, especially when turmoil seems to abound, these harmonic aspirations become even more vital. In 1966, an organization with such a focus was created.

While the Commonwealth Foundation has evolved across the decades, it has maintained certain singular ambitions. As an intergovernmental organization, it has welcomed suggestive change and invariably adhered to the desires of the collective voice.

One priority of the Foundation has endured periodic changes and reformations. It is, and always has been, a guiding principle of the Commonwealth Foundation to provide portals for encouraging a participatory political process.

The Commonwealth Foundation’s Perspective on Civic Voice

The Commonwealth Foundation promotes diversity. However, they target a singular objective of reinforcing the inherent need for a collective society to participate in the governing process.

Without dialogue and participation, it becomes exceedingly difficult for democratic societies to function as designed. Democracy requires a voice, not just an elected governing body.

The Foundation strives to encourage people to use their civic voice to help contribute and therefore shape policy. Through civil discourse, The Foundation envisions a world in which each individual uses their capacity to participate and contribute.

From these contributions, government institutions can better design and implement policy to build peacefully equitable communities. The Foundation teaches individuals how to employ their democratic voice, learning how to shape public policy successfully.

The Commonwealth Foundation uses a four pillar structure. They adamantly promote cultural diversity. Their governance is invested with the duty to encourage a plurality of voices across a multi-cultural environment within the Commonwealth countries.

The Foundation stresses equality of opportunity, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity. They insist on respect for diverse opinions and promote environmental sustainability. To fulfill these objectives, they appreciate the necessity for unified collaboration.

There are events, workshops and special conferences designed to promote knowledge and encourage civil discourse. The Foundation strives to promote and inspire dialogue between communities, nations and the governing institutions they elect.

They view citizens and government as equal shareholders in a productive society. While the Foundation places a spotlight on civic voice, it also endorses the necessity for intergovernmental integrity.

The Foundation has a core belief that government should be totally transparent on all matters affecting society. There is an unwavering commitment to demonstrating collective accountability between elected officials and citizens.

Diversity, collaboration and integrity make three important parts of The Foundation’s vision. Ingenuity is the fourth component they strongly advocate. With a solid foundation formed by the previous three, ingenuity is the key that opens the doors of change.

The Foundation understands that an ever-changing world requires innovative creativity to deal with potentially devastating problems. Using the three core values, new and workable solutions can be discovered.

Commonwealth Foundation Events

The Commonwealth Foundation hosts and sponsors a number of special events directly dedicated to its mission. During the 64th Commission on the Status of Women, The Foundation hosted a joint conference on Fostering Equality to Leave No One Behind.

In February 2020, Accountable Governance for People with Disabilities was held in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. The Commonwealth Ministries for Women’s Affairs holds a triennial event.

In the fall of 2019, the foundation coordinated a civil society roundtable to promote open discussion about gender equality. The Foundation’s fosters an initiative for creative literary expression through the Commonwealth Writers Organization.

Translation is a vital component of sharing literature across cultures. There are frequent events dedicated to this important part of connecting various societies. In October 2019, The Foundation sponsored The Politics of Translation: Arabic Literatures in Europe.

This event on the schedule of Commonwealth Writers Conversations was held in Frankfort, Germany. Since 2011, The Foundation has supported annual literary contests through their Commonwealth Writers initiative as well.

Five regional winners are awarded prizes for exception short stories and first-publication fiction books. At an international ceremony, a grand prize winner is recognized at a ceremony available worldwide via live stream.

Helping to provide an informative knowledge base for the pursuit of various grants, there are grant workshops and seminars held in various Commonwealth countries. Quarterly workshops are scheduled at the main Marlborough House office throughout the year as well.

The Commonwealth Foundation is a collective of exceptionally gifted and accomplished individuals. Their first chairman, Sir Fran Macfarlane, was a noted Nobel Laureate. The governing body is dutifully elected and representative of the 47 member nations that comprise The Foundation.

Through the four pillars of diversity, collaboration, integrity and ingenuity, The Commonwealth Foundation is refreshing and powerful tool focused towards unifying people and government towards a common cause; a peaceful and civil society for all.